The Attraction of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Research and development is critical in all industries. And, when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry R & D not only generates income for the companies involved in the research but it often results in lives being saved, or at least in the quality of patient’s lives being improved.

It can take many years, as well as millions of pounds to perfect and test a pharmaceutical product. In 2006 alone almost ?4billion was spent on pharmaceutical research and development. Once developed, years of testing follow to ensure that any new drug or medicine adheres to the appropriate government guidelines before being released to the general public. During that period of development it can be a perplexing time for research scientists as they strive to find the perfect solution, for example to a life-threatening illness or a debilitating disease.

Indeed, it is that period of intense research, development and ultimately testing that makes branded drugs so initially expensive. For a number of years they are under patent to the pharmaceutical company that developed them and that exclusive reward for innovation is one of the reasons that drugs are developed in the first place. So, production of a ground-breaking drug not only helps humanity but can be extremely lucrative for the company responsible for developing it; either exclusive distribution or production under licence allows pharmaceutical companies to recoup their R &D costs, as well as add to their bottom line.

Because of the potential rewards available, anyone involved in the medical or pharmaceutical fields of research at the top level will have worked hard to get there. Research scientists are often enrolled on extensive post-graduate courses in order to expand their knowledge and learning by companies anxious to attract the best recruits.

But getting into the industry doesn’t have to be through the research scientist route. There are many pharmaceutical jobs that aren’t involved in front-line research such as marketing, accounting, engineering and IT. In recent times, according to the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), the pharmaceutical industry in the UK employs over 68,000 people and many are not directly involved in research.

However, despite the promise of potentially vast financial rewards many of those involved in the industry chose to go into pharmaceutical research for altruistic reasons, whether directly involved in research or not. Such noble reasons for entering the industry include the opportunity to help develop vaccines, medicines and cures in order to reduce the number of life-threatening and debilitating illnesses in both humans and animals. Indeed, for the many employees in the pharmaceutical industry, the best reward for their years of hard work and dedication is the chance to improve people’s lives.

Andrew Regan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

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How to have Job Satisfaction at Work

Job satisfaction in the workplace

As we have seen on YouTube recently, some fed up workers take extreme measures to escape their workplaces. But the recent emergency slide case is not the only example of an unsatisfied employee that could benefit from a job change.For many employees their workplace is no longer a satisfying place. They may not be content with their job responsibilities, their relationship with their manager, their relationship with colleagues, or their relationship with clients or customers.

For others, the economic downturn was a big factor. Many people worked harder and longer during the GFC, and where such efforts are not recognised satisfaction levels are at record lows.While job numbers, salaries and the general economic outlook are now healthy, there are many candidates who come to us feeling that they need a change for the better.

While it’s only in extreme cases that people take such drastic actions as escaping on an emergency slide, the real danger for employers with unsatisfied workers is a significant drop in their discretionary effort. If employees are satisfied in their job, they are far more likely to put in additional contributions, over and above their basic job descriptions. This difference between how well they perform and how well they are capable of performing can have huge ramifications for businesses, particularly in our competitive and strengthening economy.

If you are not satisfied in your job, perhaps it’s time you made a change. Job numbers are strong and career-advancing opportunities are available. This means you can look for an organisation offering the management style or culture in which you can flourish, with the responsibilities, opportunities and people that will help you become satisfied at work.

But before jumping ship, my advice would be to revisit your career plan. Career planning is essential to achieving success in your chosen career. Whether you are aiming to be a bookkeeper in a small business or the finance director of a multi-national corporation, you must know in which direction you are headed and what is required of you to achieve your goal.

Planning is a basic, yet key principle used by successful business people. Plans are formulated on a regular basis to control direction, make the best use of resources and measure progress or results.

Think of your career plan along the lines of a business plan. The key issues to cover are:
• What are my long-term career objectives?
• What will I want to get out of my job in the next five years or so?
• Do I need to study? If so, what for?
• What are my individual priorities?

These priorities and objectives may change over time and of course you need to check up from time to time to make sure you are on track.

Article contributed by Hays, the world’s leading recruiting experts in qualified, professional and skilled people. Read more of How to have Job Satisfaction at Work and get the rest of career advice you’re gonna need to help you enjoy and be satisfied with your job.

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Study manner for a importance of education criteria for a different manner

Education is an important human activity. It was born with the birth of the human race and shall continue to function as long as the human race lives. The importance of education may be summed up as under abundant quantity to the fix is not perfect.

An essential human virtue. A necessity for society. Important for integration of separate entities. Gives significance of life. Educated men are, superior. Aristotle Sign of freedom. Epictetus A controlling grace. Diogenes Basis of good life.

An essential human virtue for a vial convinced to the best education is an essential human virtue. Man becomes ‘man’ through education. He is what education makes him. It has been rightly said that without education, man is a splendid slave, reasoning savage.

A necessity for society within the society based to the ethics and rule propagated condition education is necessary for society. Education fashions and models man for society. Man cannot be conceived merely in terms of his biological existence. Education brings into focus the social aspect of man. Education signifies man’s supreme position in society.

Important for the integration of separate entities to the reading and learning phenomena to the best quality period an individual is made up of different entities. Education brings about the integration of these separate entities.

Gives significance of life with a ethical and right working way education teaches what man lives and struggles for. It cultivates an integrated life. By so doing, it gives significance of life.
Educated men are superior within a any type of working criteria in the office or domestic education is a sign of superiority. Aristotle wrote, «Educated men are as much superior to uneducated as the living are to the dead.»

Sign of freedom for a education is a sign of freedom. Epictetus had declared, «Only the educated are free.» A controlling grace to the study Diogenes felt that «Education is a controlling grace to the young, consolation to the old wealth to the poor and ornament to the rich.»

Basis of good life with a best education phenomena or read or writing criteria education is an essential basis of good life. A man becomes a human being in the real sense when he is transformed from primarily an animal being into a human being.

In short, education is an essential concomitant of all human societies. «What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul», says Addison. You took then check cg 10th result and also check BISE Karachi Matric Result All the best.

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Home Schooling- Read This If You Are Skeptical About It

Children have aptly been given the simile of clay pots that take the shape in which they are molded. Children do what they are told to and as they are directed. They are the saplings of a better future of the entire nation. It is important for the elders to understand their responsibility and direct tiny tots in a way that brings the best out of the latter. Through this piece of article I would lay down some useful tips for the children. So, if you are a child yourself, soak these for yourself and if you’re an elder person soak these to discharge your duties well. Below are the key points.

1. Cultivate the habit of reading: Cultivating the habit of reading is the best thing a child can do. It is a habit that is once cultivated remains forever. Putting it in other words- it is a habit which is cultivated sooner, the better (Many elders would agree to that). The habit of reading improves vocabulary and grammar while entertaining or educating the reader. Those who cultivate this habit in their childhood don’t need to attend language courses in order to gain command over a particular language.

2. Learn to use computers efficiently: In the present scenario an illiterate is not the person who doesn’t know who to read and write but is the one who doesn’t know how to use a computer. Start learning computers today. Start off with basic computer applications such as paints, games etc. and then advance yourself gradually. Learn how to use Wordpad, Powerpoint, internet browsers etc. Remember, there is no lower age limit to learn to use computers.

3. Learn online: Once you learn how to use computers, it is time to learn online and trust me you would love it. There are several Career Courses, available online that educate children, while entertaining. There are several interactive games that brush up basic vocabulary and mathematical calculations ability of the children and they are so interesting that once you start playing you don’t want to stop, you keep on learning along with but you never realize that.

4. Play with passion: Besides learning, another thing that a child must do is play passionately. Choose a game and play it wholeheartedly. We would have never known Sir John Bradman had he not played cricket passionately in his childhood. Sports are as important as studies are. Pick a sport that interests you and play it with passion. Who knows, you might become the next superstar in that sport.

5. Enhance stage confidence: Many elderly people regret of not having stepped onto a stage in their childhood. Children can overcome fears better than elders. Stage fear is one of the stringent phobias that people face. You must not develop that phobia. Enhance stage confidence by performing on the stage as often as possible. This will make you more confident and groom you personality.

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Affordable Online Nutrition Degree Schools

Online Nutrition Schools – Helping you Become a Qualified NutritionistToday people are more interested in pursuing careers in fields which are less traditional and more interacting, therefore you will find tons of people heading towards careers in the human services sector, nursing and psychology industry etc.The nutritional field of study has also sparked much speculation among people and has become one of the most flourishing career path for people in the 21st century. With millions around the world encountering health related issues, the need for professionals in the nutritional sciences has doubled over the years.With the effect hundreds of colleges and universities in the US have started offering not only traditional degree options for them but also distance learning opportunities. For all those of you interested in visiting online nutrition schools in the US but have no idea about which are the school which are in demand and get you the best education.You can take into consideration the following nutrition schools which may help you lead a successful career in the nutritional field of study.Kaplan UniversityKaplan University is a privately run institute in Iowa which is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. This university conducts both online and on-campus learning modes and offers various nutrition degrees. The university has campuses in other states as well and has been listed among the notable online nutrition schools. Kaplan University offers you the following programs in nutrition.
BS in Nutrition Science
Ashworth CollegeAshworth College helps you advance towards a career with the convenient and affordable online education it offers. This school offers a diploma program which trains you to help others lead a healthy live. This college follows a fully online format of education and also offers all lectures and material to students online.
Career Diploma in Nutrition, Diet & Health Sciences
University of BridgeportEstablished in 1927 this university today operates as a private coeducational educational body. University of Bridgeport has been a leader in providing innovative opportunities to all and therefore has been one of the premier online nutrition schools in the country. It currently offers the following nutrition program.
MS in Human Nutrition
University of Massachusetts – AmherstUniversity of Massachusetts – Amherst functions as the largest public university in New England. The university has promoted healthy living in many ways and has been over the years consistently ranked among the notable online nutrition schools and today offers the following degree options for people.
Master of Public Health in Nutrition
ConclusionAll the schools mentioned here are all accredited and may turn out to be the perfect option for you to pursue a degree in nutrition. If you do not find any of these online nutrition schools matching your needs then before searching for another school always make a check if it is regionally accredited.

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Mental Health Clinics

Clients to mental health clinics are usually not admitted arbitrarily. The process usually consists of an initial interview with a community worker or a mental health professional. If a client is considered in need of residential or out-patient treatment at a mental health clinic, an extensive history of the mental illness will then be recorded. Such assessments will also include interviews with other doctors and family physicians who have noted the onset and progress of the ailment.The staff at mental health clinics usually consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses, and support personnel who are specially trained. The scope and activities of mental health clinics in America generally falls under the purview of the CMHC (Community Mental Health Centers). This body issues licenses to clinics and centers for the practice of mental health-related treatment.Considering that mental health crises do not always announce themselves in advance, a mental health clinic or center usually offers twenty-four-hour emergency services. These include inpatient hospital referral, since many cases are diagnosed in hospitals while the client is under treatment for other health problems.Mental health problems affect people from all age groups, and American mental health clinics also offer services specifically for the aged as well as children and adolescents. The reasons that commonly lead to a referral for elderly persons range from senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to problems related to chronic alcohol abuse. Mental health problems typical to the aged fall under the category of geropsychiatric medicine.Teenagers and young adults often find themselves in need of mental health services because of substance abuse, inherited mental problems, and Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD).The services available at mental health clinics necessarily include group therapy, individual and family counseling, and a social awareness cell. The latter would be staffed by personnel who could explain the various issued surrounding metal health in layman’s terms to clients and their families. They are also an integral part of the evaluation process.

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Practice Safe Sex No Matter What Your Sexual Lifestyle Is

When one examines the different sexual practices and norms observed all over the world, it would confirm that nobody, indeed, is created equality. Western societies have seen the emergence of several sexual preferences considered divergent from the traditional monogamous, heterosexual pairing and have slowly recognized and accepted these relationships. This has added the emphasis on the importance of promoting safe sex and AIDS prevention. Though not all may agree, adhering to the principles of safe sex would undeniably avoid much suffering, if not prevent death itself.As sexual practices become more diverse with each passing time, a evolution of different sexual norms also occur.One is the practice of swinging, or sometimes termed as wife-swapping. Nowadays, swingers have come to be defined as anybody, single or otherwise, who freely practice promiscuous sex. Though swingers groups consist mostly of married couples, singles have long taken an active part in this lifestyle. Those who practice swinging have to adhere to two simple rules: that free choice takes precedence over all aspects, and that nobody is encouraged to engage in swinging unless he or she is absolutely sure that they do want it and are secure in their relationship with their partners. Swinging is meant to enhance the existing romantic relationship a couple has and no other emotional attachments are formed with other members of the group, albeit sex with different partners are encouraged. As these sexual relationships are often fleeting and unattached, the need for safe sex practices should be even more pronounced.BDSM, which stands for bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism, is another sexual practice which has seen popularity in modern society. Beyond the popular, though decidedly wrong association of BDSM with cruelty, this sexual practice can be considered as a form of self-actualization and should be considered in safe sex promotional campaigns. As with swinging, practitioners of BDSM place much emphasis on consent and free choice. Honest and clear communication is also essential when participants engage in role playing.Polyamory is practiced when a person publicly acknowledges having more than one romantic relationship at a given time. Despite the lack of fidelity, polyamorous individuals pride themselves in being honest and open of their physical and emotional attachments to numerous partners.One common thread in all three relationships described above is having multiple sexual partners. Though there is no stopping consenting adults from indulging in whatever practices that take their fancies, this does not exempt them from the responsibility of practicing safe sex. Having several partners increases their chances of contacting sexually transmitted diseases. One effective way to prevent this is the use of condom every time one has sex. Their safe sex responsibilities also extend toward gaining knowledge of how to store, put on, and use condoms properly. It is also emphasized that safe sex and the use of contraceptives do not rely on men alone, women must also take charge of their sexual lives and practice birth control themselves.And because these individuals possess adventurous spirits themselves, they might also use various sex toys to enhance their sexual encounters. Keep in mind that though sex toys eliminate the use of birth control, it still can transmit several sexually transmitted diseases. Again, the importance of safe sex is underscored. Users should ensure that all sex toys are properly cleaned and stored. Slip condoms on dildos and vibrators, especially if more than one person shares it.Though these sexual practices may not widely recognized and discussed in mainstream societies, there is no denying that such groups and individuals do exist. Because these persons do not operate on the traditional norms established by society when it comes to relationships and sex, emphasis must be placed on the practice of safe sex at all times. Knowing your partner’s identity and asking them to divulge their sexual history might not be enough in these cases, as honest and full disclosures are not always guaranteed. Condoms are and will always be the most convenient and popular form of protection and means of safe sex.

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5 Brilliant Home Repair Tips

With the present slump in the housing market and foreign holidays becoming more expensive many people are investing money in their own homes. Whether it’s for home repairs or larger scale home improvements people will benefit from enjoying a more polished home whilst also increasing its value.There has also been an increase in people making use of their gardens to grow vegetables or to use their roofs to install solar panels which again means that your home not only has added value, but over time is actually creating value! Home improvements can offset the cost of any home repairs which, unfortunately, need to be carried out on a regular basis.So if you feel you’re up to the challenge, have recently acquired a great DIY book and have a back-up handyman as a friend (purely for back up!) then read below to see what steps you should take:Snag List – With all Home Repairs it pays to plan ahead so the first thing you need to do is to make a full “snag list” for the entire home and garden. Maybe it’s touching up the paintwork in the hall, replacing an old skirting board, fixing a faulty socket, fixing a leaky tap or mending a broken fence. Some jobs can be quite big and others quite small, but don’t worry about that just make a full list of everything. Once you have a full list you can then begin to decide what’s most important.Prioritise – Prioritising your jobs is the next most important step, so once you have the full snag list in your hand think about what’s most critical. For example if it’s nearing Christmas it would definitely make more sense to fix a leaking tap rather than mend a broken fence at the end of the garden – which will more than likely be covered in snow – by the time Christmas arrives! So think about what needs to be done, talk to family members, look at your budget and then put a corresponding number beside each job!Materials – OK so now you have your full job list, and you know what jobs you want to do next, but what about the materials? Many jobs around the house like doing a paint touch up, may already have the existing supplies in the garage or attic. So take an inventory of what you have, there’s no point in buying things you already own! After that you may need to buy something, for example if you’re replacing an old floorboard or door handle you may need to go to your local hardware to buy the necessary materials.Advice – As mentioned above its always great to have a recommended DIY book to hand but there are always some questions that only someone with experience can answer. You may have a neighbour who is quite handy, or you may have a handyman friend who you can phone but at the very least your local hardware store should always be able to give advice on a whole range of things. In fact the local hardware store is always more willing and able to offer advice than the larger depot stores, and for that reason alone we would always recommend them.Reward – Lastly one of the great things about doing DIY and performing Home Repair jobs is the gratification you and your family will receive when finished. But also try to get other family members involved as the old saying goes “many hands make light work!” has never been more true. And it’s also a great way for children to learn about the importance of maintaining a great home whilst having some fun!

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Automotive Insurance Providers – Which Should You Pick?

Automotive insurance providers will help you find the best insurance company. But, it is up to you if what company you will choose which best provide your needs for your auto insurance. It is your decision which you think of the automotive insurance can give you the best deal of your needs.Planning to purchase an automotive insurance, you need to know the company you have chosen if it is a good auto insurance provider. One of the best ways to know is through the staff of local car body work shop since they deal most of the time with the automotive insurance.When choosing an automotive insurance, some people will not go for cheapest quotes but to some, it is natural to choose for cheapest auto insurance quotes. What is important is that, the insurance companies you choose have reputable records so that your money will not be wasted when in time for claims.Wherever state you belong in the U.S. you can ask your state’s department of insurance website if ever you don’t know. They provide you some information’s with regards to insurance companies. Since there are some people who reported that they are not satisfied with the insurance company they had especially to those people who already considering availing of an insurance coverage. Also, they provide you the statistic complaints ratio of the customer or consumers.You can also check to automotive insurance providers that have been working around for a long time to avoid lesser risk. If not, you can ask around with your friends or family or colleagues which auto insurance they know that has cheaper cost or rate they had experience and which is good. You can also go online to insurance websites you choose and check, make a comparison to other insurance websites.There are many ways on how to check good automotive insurance providers. What you have to do is to shop, be patient and have determination to find that automotive insurance company. There are lots of auto insurance providers and for sure you can find one, do always have hoped to find that insurance company who can give you the best deal of your needs.When you go online to ask for your auto insurance quotes, be sure you are honest to answer their online questionnaire. When you got the quote, try to keep it don’t throw it because you can used that in the future reference. Read their questionnaire carefully and always confirm that there is no obligation to purchase insurance company when you ask for a quote.Since there are many providers in every state, then for sure you can find one for your automotive. Always have faith that you can find one, slowly but surely. Remember that only fool rush in and every time you go rushing, you always stumble.Insurance companies offer a different strategy in order to gain more customers or consumer and one of their strategies is their services. Before deciding to which insurance company you will purchase your insurance policy, think twice or thrice.

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Ideas For the Small Business – Tackling the Gas Price Crunch

The meteoric rise of gas prices has hit everyone hard. Small businesses are really feeling the pinch as the line between profit and loss can be slim when high gas prices drive the cost of everything higher and higher. Many small business owners have to balance their own needs, the needs of their employees and their customers against the cost of doing business, and finding ways to save money along the way is invaluable. There are many ideas for saving gas, some are easy, some are more difficult and a few are radical, so fasten your seat belts and take a look.Small businesses can make changes in the way that they run their business to save themselves and their customers some gas money. Pioneering increased use of your website and alternatives to reaching out to customers can take the pressure of your sales team. If your company has office employees it is important to consider what changes can be made to allow them the flexibility they need to save money on their commutes as well. Here are some changes that can happen around the office:1. See if you can arrange for clients to see you on the first visit or if you can meet in a central location to save you both some gas.2. Most customers are well aware that the rise of gas prices will effect businesses. You may have to establish a fuel surcharge for deliveries or visits for service. If you already have a fuel surcharge you may have to raise it to meet the demand of rising prices. Just be sure to communicate that there is a surcharge and what the amount is so that no customers are caught off guard.3. Add as much information as possible to your website so that clients can start the process of hiring your services or buying your products without actually driving anywhere. Post downloadable forms and pdfs, add web forms or emails so that you can capture the attention and the action of these potential customers.4. If possible, change your work schedule. You can commute early when the traffic is lightest saving you time idling in traffic and since it is cooler you might be able to save on the A/C as well. Then, head home before the traffic starts in the afternoon allowing you to be home in time to enjoy an evening in the backyard!5. Cut your workweek by one or two days. If you don’t need to be in the office every day, consider working from home one or two days a week available online and via phone. For your staff it might be worth looking into longer hours four days a week with one day off to save a day’s commuting expenses. You can stagger which day individuals have off so that there is always someone in the office to cover the phones and greet potential clients who come by the office.There are a number of changes that can be made to your vehicle or style of driving to promote better gas mileage. With prices so high you will want to travel as far as possible on every gallon. Here are a few changes for on the road:1. Lighten your car, van or truck as much as humanly possible. Take out any unnecessary tools, supplies or junk that you are carrying around. Your fuel efficiency improves by 1-2% for each 100 pounds you remove. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but over a entire summer of record breaking gas prices every cent is going to help.2. Do not put the pedal to the metal when the light turns green. Gentle, smooth acceleration can improve your fuel efficiency by as much as 14%, all that just for not acting like a teenager at the drag races!3. Do not let your car idle. If you plan to sit for longer than one minute then go ahead and shut off your car, its eating up gas for no reason. If you have employees who drive company cars or make deliveries be sure to let them know that they should switch off the car whenever they are waiting for or making a delivery.4. Use cruise control when you travel on the highway. Accelerations and rapid breaking really drive up your gas mileage. Rather than passing and weaving in and out of traffic, just pick the lowest speed you can live with and set the cruise control.5. Drive the speed limit (or bellow!) and save a bunch of gas. Lots of people tell themselves that by getting there faster they are saving gas, but it is not remotely true. Driving 55 mph rather than 70 mph will allow you to get 20% more per gallon out of each trip. 20%! At the current price of gas that is about eight cents per gallon. If they were selling gas for eight cents less per gallon at a station near you, you would be in line, so put aside your need for speed and try and travel slower. Once you try it, you will be amazed at how many people actually drive the speed limit- and not just Sunday drivers!6. Fill up your tank on the edge of cities and in larger towns rather than along major highways or in isolated smaller towns. Generally, the larger a population the more competition and the less expensive the gas. Plan ahead and gas before you wind up needing to stop along the highway.7. We’ve seen conflicting ‘studies’ on this, but most seem to say that turning off your car’s A/C whenever possible you will improve your gas mileage. So roll down the windows and let your hair fly.8. Make sure you have your vehicles tuned for optimum performance. This means that you lay out a bit of cash at the beginning, but in the long run you will get better fuel efficiency. Be sure to change your air and fuel filters when needed, inflate your tires to the proper levels and have your wheels aligned.For those ready to make more dramatic changes, there are some more far-out there ideas to tackle the increasing price of gas for small businesses. This is just the tip of the iceberg if you want to throw the rule book out the window. If you are ready, tap into these radical changes:1. Switch to biofuel. For most of us, it will be impossible, but for some it could happen. Do a little research and see if you can change any of your company vehicles over to a new fuel source.2. Try using a moped or a motorcycle. Driving up to an important meeting on a moped is probably not a great idea (although if you’re supercool you might pull it off), but for other aspects of a business it might just work. Deliveries or short trips can be easily handled by a moped or motorcycle and with sixty to one hundred mile to the gallon, it could really pay off fast.3. Buy a hybrid car. Yup, there are waiting lists for these babies, but it’s worth a try so get your name on a list and see what happens.4. You can carshare. On average, a car sits idle 96% of the time in America ([]), and that is a lot of unused car time. Depending on your situation you might not need a car at all! If you live in a city or very small town you might be able to downsize to just using a car when you really need one by signing up for Zipcar or Flexcar. This is a big change for most individuals, and especially for a business owner, but if it works for you it will save you thousands of dollars, and you’ll be environmentally golden, too.The internet is a gold mine of information, so use it! You can find information on gas prices, learn what people are doing to save money while still meeting their business goals and connect with like-minded individuals to share driving responsibilities. As a small business owner it is important to use all the tools at hand to succeed, so use your resources!1. The internet is a treasure trove of information about the lowest available gas price in your area. These tools are great for home and even better when you are traveling and in unfamiliar territory. The largest and easiest to use of these sites is GasBuddy (, but you get good results with GasPriceWatch as well, so try them both and see what works for you. Mapquest ( has combined the lowest gas information with a mapping function that lets you know exactly where each gas station is located and what price they are offering. Very cool.2. Plan your routes for the best possible efficiency. Combine client visits, on-site meetings, lunches and errands into the best possible route so that you don’t backtrack and waste your time and gas in retracing your steps. Using something like Mapquest can let you know how to plan a route and you can customize by using the routing options button to adjust for highway or side street routes. This has particularly been useful for real estate and other sales folks who are showing their clients houses all in one geographic location on a single day or meeting with sales clients in a series of near-by meetings.3. For those who have ever considered it, carpooling is easier than ever. It can be hard to give up the American style of driving with one person in one car- king of the road! But those gas guzzling ways can drain your finances unnecessarily. There are several websites that can help connect people looking to carpool;, CarpoolConnect and RideShare are three good starting points and sites like Craigslist also connect folks looking to share driving responsibilities.4. Join a club! Large stores such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, B.J’s and even grocery store chains offer discount gasoline. Many of the clubs have a membership fee, but others are free. Most save you between five and twenty cents per gallon depending on the group, which should earn your fee back in no time.So there you go – some ideas relating to the small business gas crunch!

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